Which is the Best Wall Decor for Living Room?

Are you looking for new wall decor for living room? Possibilities abound within those bare walls, and a few finishing touches can transform a house into a home. Continue reading if you’re prepared to transform those bare, stark walls into chic focal points. 

Whatever your aesthetic, we have the tips and tricks to make your walls pop and showcase your individuality and taste. 

Your walls can be personalized to suit your interests, whether you’re a bookworm, an art collector, or a lover of the outdoors. 

Wall Decor for Living Room

Invigorate drab living room walls with imaginative design concepts. Makeover sterile, cold spaces with cozy, warm accents to turn the living room into the home’s most welcoming area. 

The Best Wall Decor for Living Room

There are many ways to showcase your individuality and liven up a dull living room, like hanging a gallery wall of finds from thrift stores, covering the walls with patterned paper, or putting an assortment of antiques on display. 

Go through our list of wall decor you can try for your living room below;

1. Go for Large-Scale Art

Go for Large-Scale Art

In a small space, an oversized painting or photo will draw attention and establish the mood. A striking abstract painting can add color to a minimalist room, as seen in Taylor Rooks’s Manhattan bedroom, or you can try a monochromatic photo.

2. Curate a Gallery Wall

Curate a Gallery Wall

There is a wall of Richard Kern’s artwork in Patrick’s study. Noonan David Sam Durant Carol Bove and additional individuals

A gallery wall is the ideal way to introduce color and personality. Exhibit your artwork or photos, or add wall hangings and other mementos.

Select uncomplicated, coordinating frames, or introduce a variety of elaborate variations to add some variety. Expert advice: To give the impression of a larger area, extend the gallery wall to the ceiling.

3. Incorporate an Accent Wall

Incorporate an Accent Wall

Consider decorating the walls themselves in addition to placing items on them. To create an accent wall, try painting it a vivid, striking color.

You can also add patterns by using stenciling, wallpaper, or other decorative painting techniques. (While you’re at it, consider remodeling your ceiling.) In a small space, these ornamental accents can make even more of an impression.

One of the greatest places to buy wallpaper is Junaglow, which offers unique wallpaper.

4. Showcase a Fabric

Showcase a Fabric

A wall hanging or tapestry can give a bland room a hint of softness and a pop of color and pattern.

Think about framing beautiful textiles such as vintage scarves. Bonus: When the time comes to move to a new place, these are much simpler to move than framed paintings.

5. Hang Up Mirrors

Hang Up Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, which makes a tiny room appear larger and more airy. Consider hanging a large mirror or arranging a few smaller pieces in a salon-style arrangement.

6. Paint a Mural

Paint a Mural

Add a mural to your walls to take you somewhere else. The motif will have a significant impact whether it is painted by hand or is covered with a wall covering.

7. Install Shelving

Install Shelving

Take your bookshelf collection to the wall if you are out of floor space. Put in floating shelves to showcase bookshelves, tiny sculptures, and other miscellaneous items.

8. Hang Plates

Hang Plates

When you can display your fine china, why keep it hidden in the cabinet? To showcase your preferred dishes and serving platters, use wire plate hangers.

This might be the right choice for you if you’re a collector of any kind of design item—we’ve even seen breadboards displayed as works of art on the walls of brownstones in Brooklyn.

9. Display Sculptural Sconces

Display Sculptural Sconces

Sconces give an additional source of light without requiring a side table or space on the floor. To add flair and light, go for an eye-catching design that also functions as a wall sculpture.

10. Go Greener

Go Greener

Not all plants have to be placed on the windowsill. Try adding some greenery and some natural elements to your walls by using wall-mounted or hanging planters. You can choose a high-quality fake plant instead if you’re not big on water—no one will ever know.

11. Tap into Texture with Macramé Wall Art

Tap into Texture with Macramé Wall Art

Macramé wall hangings from the 1970s are making a huge comeback. The weavings soften cold, sterile walls by adding texture. Purchase them from Etsy or attempt to make them yourself.

12. Try Beaded Wall Art

Try Beaded Wall Art

The Maasai beading tradition was used to create this wall hanging. We adore the understated black-and-white pattern.

Handmade in Tanzania, the gorgeous piece is made with glass beads imported from the Czech Republic.

13. Hang an Oversized Wall Calendar

Hang an Oversized Wall Calendar

Large calendars look great mounted on the wall of an office or kitchen. Organize your events and liven up the space at the same time by adding something unique.

To give your calendars a contemporary appearance and add a splash of color, try using sans serif fonts in vivid, bold colors.

14. Set the Tone with a Giant Whiteboard or Chalkboard

Set the Tone with a Giant Whiteboard or Chalkboard

A large board is a very useful addition to a playroom, office, or even kitchen. A whiteboard is a more modern option that doesn’t have to be limited to white; it can be customized with various colors and patterns.

Chalkboards add a rustic feel to any space. Paint an entire wall with WriteWallPaint, which produces a writeable surface, to take it a step further.

15. Create a Basket Wall

Create a Basket Wall

Here’s another suggestion for wall décor: hang baskets on your wall. An assortment of baskets in various sizes and textures can liven up any negative space, whether you want to go colorful or neutral.

16. Document Your Travels with a Personalized Map

Document Your Travels with a Personalized Map

Embrace a big word map into the design of your space. A customized map of a city, state, nation, or the entire globe can be ordered in almost any color scheme.

You can add pins to the locations you’ve been or want to go to make it incredibly personalized.

17. Mount Your Television

Mount Your Television

An alternative course of action? Put your TV on a mount. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your wall, free up space above your media cabinet, and change the whole aesthetic of your living room or bedroom is to mount a flat screen on it.

In addition, some televisions, such as the appropriately named “The Frame,” are made to resemble works of art when turned off. With Samsung, you have the option to display the images of your choice on your television in ambient mode.

18. Add Shiplap Wall Paneling

Add Shiplap Wall Paneling

Any room will benefit from the airy, coastal vibe that shiplap paneling brings to the room. If the walls in your bedroom, dining area, foyer, or even bathroom need some updating, think about installing the wooden planks that are usually used for exterior siding.

19. Mount Your Bike on a Wall

Mount Your Bike on a Wall

You can free up more floor space and create a visually striking focal point that will completely change your blank wall by designing a sleek and fashionable wall-mounting system for your bikes. One of the cutest and most useful wall decor ideas we’ve found is this one.

20. Try Removable Wall Art

Try Removable Wall Art

There are large selections of sophisticated, adult removable wall art on Etsy and Minted. The adhesive murals are available in multiple styles and feature an opulent matte finish. If you rent and don’t want to scuff the walls, removable wall art is ideal.

How to Display Living Room Wall Decor

When it comes to hanging artwork and wall decor in living rooms, there are many factors to take into account, but they mainly fall into two categories: arrangement and frame selection.

1. Layout

When it comes to arrangement, the choice is not only about how to arrange your wall art throughout the space but also about whether or not to group pieces to create collections. 

For instance, you may wish to arrange a collection of wall photos in your living room so that they form a collage.

Mixing sizes and orientations is important, so if you don’t do it here, make sure your other wall decor pieces do. 

2. Frame Choice

Living room framed prints require deciding whether or not to include a frame; canvases are frequently left unframed.

If you do choose to use a frame, you have an abundance of choices: thick or thin, metal or wood, painted or gold-leafed.

Try to choose a material or finish that you already have in the space to aid in your decision.

Select a frame with a similar treatment if your light fixtures or hardware are brass, but avoid doing so on every frame to avoid making the room appear overly staged.

The important thing to remember is to avoid using polished chrome if you have brass elsewhere and to avoid selecting honeyed oak if the remainder of your wood is walnut.

Innovative and imaginative crafts that you can make to use art to decorate your home on a budget are shared above for the best wall decor for your living room.

Remember, the small accent wall can be decorated with a multitude of items, including wall art, minimalist paintings, bohemian scones, a modern family photo gallery, string lights, and a shelf filled with plants to create a jungle feel.

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