Is There a Washing Machine Repair Near Me?

Is There a Washing Machine Repair Near Me?

Washing machine repair near me is essential for you because appliances make our lives easier, but when they break down, the reverse effect might occur.

As a result, we have a list of the best washing machine repair near me to assist you, when you need one.

washing machine repair near me

With the information we are about to give you, you will know where to go if your washing machine fails you again. Let’s find out which of these services works best for you! 

Best Washing Machine Repair Near Me

Here is a list of reputable Washing Machine Repair in the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking for Washing Machine Repair in your area, please enter your zip code into the form bar above to narrow your search.

1. Domestic Heroes Ltd

Domestic Heroes Ltd is a Tamworth-based company that provides electrical repairs, installs, sales, and spare parts for most makes and types of kitchen appliances, including integrated machines.

Adam Goodby and Steven Bloor (both Directors/Owners of Domestic Heroes Ltd) founded the company in December 2010. In December 2016, Domestic Heroes celebrated their sixth anniversary.

Domestic Heroes is a family-oriented firm that enjoys being well-organized, pleasant, and always ready to deal with kitchen appliance difficulties.

Furthermore, they believe in being truthful and open, so all pricing is fully displayed on their website, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay for your repair or installation.

2. is a household appliance repair company that has been repairing and refurbishing domestic appliances for over 20 years.

They could all do without the stress of a damaged appliance and the uncertain price of repairing it. is here to make your life easier with no-hidden-cost callouts and a team of skilled engineers arriving when you want. Simply schedule a morning or afternoon appointment.

Any additional prices for parts will be carefully explained to you, and their pleasant engineers are highly trained, professional, and DBS-checked.

If a second visit is required to resolve the same issue, there will be no additional callout fees.

3. Apex Appliances

Apex Appliances’ home appliance repair experts help customers save money by extending the life of their appliances.

There is a fixed labor fee guarantee for all work, including parts. If your appliance can’t be fixed economically, the fee will be reduced.

4. Spin Doctor UK, Inc.

This business has gained trustworthiness for more than 13 years of experience fixing different appliances.

Serving the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, North London, East London, and surrounding areas, they are based in Essex.

They take pleasure in being effective, timely, and competent while offering polite, tidy, and clean service.


Colorado Springs Washing Machine Repair was voted “Best of Colorado” and offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Over 30 years in the industry, 6 years running, Repair Included in Service Charge Waiver

Reliable Appliance Repair, a pioneer in the field of expert appliance repair in Colorado Springs, has been providing washing machine repair services to local households for more than thirty years.

They are a family-run, locally owned appliance repair business that is dedicated to providing you with the high-quality solutions you require if your washing machine isn’t draining or is having other problems. Provide same-day washer repair service; we work around the clock.

How to Find Washing Machine Repair Near Me

How to Find Washing Machine Repair Near Me

The hum of your washing machine is a soothing sound that attests to modern machines’ efficiency. Until it stops humming, and you’re left with soiled laundry. 

But don’t worry, a washing machine repair service is usually only around the corner, ready to save the day.

In this post, we’ll look at the options available if you need a washing machine repair near you.

1. Local Appliance Repair Companies

Local appliance repair firms should be your first port of call. These companies specialize in repairing many types of appliances, including washing machines. 

They frequently have skilled technicians who can quickly assess the problem and present you with a solution. 

A simple internet search, such as “washing machine repair near me,” will help you locate local repair providers.

2. Manufacturer’s Service Centers

Many appliance manufacturers have authorized service centers in a variety of places. If your washer is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer’s service facility. 

They will make certain that repairs are performed with genuine components and experience.

3. Online Search Engines

Finding nearby services has become tremendously simple in today’s internet world. A simple web search for “washing machine repair near me” or “appliance repair near me” will produce countless results. 

You may also use map apps on your smartphone to find nearby repair services.

4. Home Services Apps

Several home services apps and websites provide a platform for local experts, such as appliance repair technicians, to be found. 

You may use these platforms to find washing machine repair services near you and read customer reviews to make an informed decision.

5. Recommendations from Neighbors and Friends

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Local appliance repair businesses may have been used by your neighbors, friends, or coworkers. 

Seek their advice to identify reputable repair providers with a track record of happy customers.

6. Regional Business Listings

Online or in print, traditional business directories include local appliance repair providers. Even if this technique is out of date, it could still help find local repair companies.

7. Community boards and Local Classified Ads

Seek out repair services for appliances on community boards or in your local classified ads. These websites can often put you in touch with experienced experts in your industry.

8. Shops in Retail

Big-box retailers, home improvement stores, and neighborhood appliance repair businesses frequently have relationships with one another. The retailer may provide suggestions for local repair providers when you ask questions.

9. Social Media Chat Forums

For instance, local Facebook groups and forums could be excellent places to look for referrals for washer repair companies. Locals usually offer advice and share their experiences.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Washing Machine?

Eight to ten loads of laundry are produced weekly in a typical home of four people.

The disruption of daily life that occurs when the washing machine malfunctions can be devastating. If your electric or gas dryer breaks, you’ll need to find another one, such as a coin laundry.

A washing machine repair often costs between $150 and $400 altogether. For routine fixes like replacing the gaskets or the transmission, the ordinary homeowner must pay $300.

The least expensive repair, including time and components, is $85, for problems such a broken coupling or lid switch. The most a washer repair might cost, including labor and supplies for replacing the agitator, is $575.

When your washing machine interrupts your laundry routine, know that there are usually several possibilities for a washing machine repair service near you. 

The goal is to investigate these options, gather information, read reviews, and select a service that meets your demands and budget.

With a trained technician nearby, your washing machine will be back to its buzzing, clothes-cleaning glory in no time

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