What are Accent Chairs for Living Room?

Your living room should be furnished with practical furniture to make the most of your available space, whether you use it for hosting guests, reading, watching a new show, showcasing your seasonal décor, or any combination of the aforementioned activities. 

The greatest accent chairs for living room complement larger pieces like couches and coffee tables while striking a balance between comfort and your style.

Not sure where to begin? When designing a living room, especially one that is smaller, take into account the room’s layout, the location of the chair, and its intended use. 

Accent Chairs for Living Room

Modern swivel chairs, for instance, require space to turn in all directions, but chairs with ottomans should also have room surrounding them to avoid being crowded by other pieces of furniture. 

Accent chairs generally look better when positioned away from walls in small spaces because they create an intimate yet spacious impression. All set? Now let’s go shopping.

20 Accent Chairs for Living Room

Don’t assume that accent chairs are only appropriate for living rooms or family rooms—they look great in many other rooms of your house.

An accent chair would look great in your bedroom or foyer if you have the space. Accent chairs are the ideal solution for those awkward and empty spaces in our rooms.

1. Sixpenny Neva Chair

Sixpenny Neva Chair

Sixpenny is renowned for taking an organic, straightforward, homey, and environmentally conscious approach to premium comfort. 

That is undoubtedly the case with the Neva chair, which forgoes the conventional wood frame in favor of a completely slipcovered design that is eerily reminiscent of a daycare chair—but much more stylish. 

Beneath the slipcover, a combination of feather down and a polyfill is layered between three separate layers of high-density foam (for support and comfort). 

2. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Set

Trends in furniture come and go, but the Eames Chair? remaining in place. In 1956, Herman Miller introduced the lounge chair, which was initially created by the renowned design team of Charles and Ray Eames. 

When designing it, the two had in mind a club chair from the 19th century. What emerged is this ergonomic, dramatically tilted swivel chair that resembles the most opulent office chair and finest recliner ever. 

3. Womb Chair

Womb Chair

When an American architect commissions a Finnish American designer to create a chair that resembles a “basket full of pillows,” what do you get? 

The Chair of the Womb. The 1946 creation of Eero Saarinen, the Womb Chair’s level of comfort is evident in its name: add the phrase “like a baby” to any verb that describes sitting in a chair, and you’ve captured the essence of what it feels like to be in one. 

Of course, the overall aesthetic and design are rather straightforward at first glance. The reason this chair has remained in the pantheon of iconic chairs is because of the way it feels to sit in. 

4. Desmond Arm Chair

Desmond Arm Chair

The Desmond chair from the well-known direct-to-consumer furniture brand Castlery is proof of its commitment to providing upscale, finely crafted, yet reasonably priced furniture

With its deep rubber wood frame, neutral-colored foam, and fiber-filled seat, the Desmond is a quintessential midcentury-modern piece that complements any decor in the house and makes the ideal reading chair. It also has brass-tipped legs.

5. Faye Toogood Puffy Lounge Chair

Faye Toogood Puffy Lounge Chair

The concept behind this iconic chair, which has been making the rounds on Instagram, came from the minds of well-known designer Faye Toogood and Stockholm-based design firm Hem. 

Coziness and a unique style that is eye-catching without being distracting are simultaneously inspired by the minimalist design, which resembles someone tossing a duvet cover over a steel frame.

There are eighteen distinct color options for it, and a matching footrest is available for an extra fee.

6. Floyd Squishy Chair

Floyd Squishy Chair

Are you unsure of what smooshy means? Take a seat in the Floyd Squishy Chair, an oversized beanbag, and discover for yourself (or speak with Zoë Sessums, AD digital design editor and Squishy Chair tester). 

The 1960s Italian Sacco chair served as the model for the Squishy Chair, which has a whimsical kinder core aesthetic. 

Floyd uses recycled plastic from the ocean for the Squishy chair’s fabric and foam offcuts from its mattress and sofa manufacturing process for the chair’s filling, all in line with its sustainability-forward philosophy. 

7. Urban Outfitters Yoji Chair

Urban Outfitters Yoji Chair

If “something that looks like a giant hug” is your criteria for the ideal reading chair, Urban Outfitters’ Yoji chair is worth a bookmark. 

Its high-performance fabric, which looks like a sherpa, covers its 40-inch-long, 35-inch-wide, and 29-inch-high real estate, making it impossible to find an uncomfortable position.

If you wish to fully sink into the chunkiness of the chair, you can remove the small wood legs that sit at the bottom of the chair.

8. Pukka Chair

Pukka Chair

The bulbous Pukka was designed by the design studio Yabu Pushelberg, which was founded in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, with inspiration from the UP50 show, which featured Gaetano Pesce’s sponge design from 1969. 

Made by the upscale French furniture brand Ligne Roset, the chair has a subtle, delicate, and “feminine design” that adds “sensual comfort” to any room. 

There are six upholstery options to choose from, including a mustardy velvet chair and a deep maroon wool knit chair. It is expertly crafted.

9. Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen

There are other ways to create a statement besides material and color. Another way to do it is with shape, as demonstrated by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair. 

Jacobsen originally designed this contemporary take on a wingback chair in 1958 for the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) Royal Copenhagen Hotel in Denmark. 

10. Anthropologie Havana Leather Chair

Anthropologie Havana Leather Chair

Everybody knows and adores Anthro Living. The wildly popular retailer’s furniture and home decor department is equally as popular as its clothing department, with an abundance of retro and cuddly items that can be used to subtly or boldly make a statement. 

Specifically, the Havana chair’s removable top grain leather upholstery, which fastens to the armrest with buckles resembling saddles, gives room for a Western feel. 

It’s not exactly a rocker or recliner, but with its over 15-inch high back and 19-inch deep seat, it provides ample room to unwind. It’s a fantastic choice for a cozy reading chair for curling up with a good book or an office chair.

11. Uma T4 Modular Seating

 Uma T4 Modular Seating

The term “accent chair” is taken literally by this chair. With a shape straight out of your favorite campy, futuristic space film and eye-catching colorways.

The Uma T4 modular chair keeps things fun, quirky, and distinct while remaining incredibly comfortable—so comfortable that it had our associate digital features editor Rachel Davies typing in all caps. 

Look no further for the chair that will become the focal point of your living room if you need something hip and different from anything you’ve ever seen.

12. CH25 Easy Chair by Carl Hansen

CH25 Easy Chair by Carl Hansen

With its handmade paper cord seat, Rachel Davies was first skeptical about the Easy Chair’s comfort level, but they quickly found the item lived up to its name. 

The design is modeled after the traditional Adirondack chair, and it has a slanted seat that is perfect for relaxing and reclining. 

13. Maiden Home Dune Chair

Maiden Home Dune Chair

One notable feature of Maiden Home’s excellent Dune chair, according to reviewer and digital design editor Zoë Sessums, is its height, which she felt improved her posture when sitting. 

Its neutral appearance also makes it particularly adaptable to the majority of decor types. Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry about how a fine chair like this would hold up in a household. 

You can purchase slipcovers to update the chair’s appearance at any time. A variety of performance fabrics that are stain- and spill-resistant can be used to cover the chair.

14. Knoll Wassily Chair

Knoll Wassily Chair

If you haven’t sat in a Wassily chair yet, you probably already know about it, as tester Erika Owen notes in her review. First produced in 1925, it was modeled after a bicycle frame. 

It is both durable and practical, making it particularly perfect for a home with a Scandinavian design. It is also stylish. Additionally, the chair’s negative space will make it seem like it occupies less space in your house.

15. Benchmade Modern Uncle Sal Chair

Benchmade Modern Uncle Sal Chair

The Benchmade Modern Uncle Sal is the best option if you’re searching for a big chair. It measures 35 inches wide by 39 inches deep, making it more akin to a chair and a half, according to our reviewer. 

This seat will look great and fit you and your child or dog comfortably. With over 90 fabric options, you can choose a bold or neutral look without compromising comfort.

16. OKA’s Coleridge Armchair

OKA’s Coleridge Armchair

The OKA is a more traditional armchair design that, in our reviewer’s opinion, feels and looks like the kind of chair you’d want to sink into. 

Since OKA is a British design company, they provide many traditional pieces with modern twists. If you’re feeling like a “cozy cottage,” this piece might be perfect for you.

17. Castlery Ingrid Sherpa Chair

Castlery Ingrid Sherpa Chair

Is there anything more cozy than the Ingrid? The Sherpa chair is made of 100% polyester teddy fabric, which gives the impression of being on a cloud. 

AD contributor Jake Smith is sure that everyone can find a spot for this chic chair, regardless of their preferred style. As if things couldn’t get any better, assembling the Ingrid is incredibly simple.

18. Saatva Logan Chair

Saatva Logan Chair

The Logan Chair by Saatva is made with fine craftsmanship and “stands the test of time.” Contributor DaVonne Onassis Bacchus to AD says the midcentury modern chair is “very satisfying” and both elegant and environmentally friendly. 

19. Buchanan Studio Chair

Buchanan Studio Chair

The Studio Chair, which draws inspiration from ’70s design, presents a modern interpretation of the iconic forms and patterns of the time. 

With its robust frame and plush cushions that, according to associate editor Charlotte Collins, will “encourage an ergonomic correctness,” Buchanan Studio’s take on the traditional stripe incorporates rich red, navy blue, and “dirty” pink tones.

20. Audo Knitting Chair

Audo Knitting Chair

Special projects editor Dan Howarth describes this Knitting Chair from Copenhagen-based design brand Audo as “midcentury-modern at its very best,” even though it is undoubtedly larger in person than our tester had anticipated. 

The seat’s design is low and easygoing, without going too far toward being overly reclining. Though Howarth claims it could easily fit into the living area of a midcentury modern or Japandi-style loft, it’s not the best option for tiny spaces.

Accent Chair Fabrics

Like all furniture, accent chairs are available in a wide variety of upholstery options. The key is to select a chair that complements your lifestyle, color scheme, and room patterns.

The appearance of an accent chair can be significantly altered by using different types of fabric. Imagine what a chair in supple caramel leather or a boucle with its characteristic nap would look like. or a strong-performance fabric like linen.

French-curved Bergére chairs were upholstered in heavy linen, while traditional clubs with nailheads were upholstered in leather.

Each fabric has its character and feel. Additionally, it will enhance the character and feel of a chair. When selecting the ideal accent chair for a space, patterns, and color are also very important considerations.

A chair that adds a bright pop of color—or any bold color—to a space will frequently end up serving as a small focal point. An accent chair in an earthy color scheme makes the space it’s in feel cozy and warm.

A chair in beige or off-white can give a space a calm, organic beauty. Additionally, these slim, lighter-colored modern accent chairs are highly in style right now. Accent chairs that are currently in style typically come in greige, beige, and gray as well.

Our carefully chosen collection of accent chairs and chaises for the living room and bedroom spans a variety of aesthetics and patterns, including traditional, mid-century modern, and rustic cheap living room accent chairs that are sure to suit your taste. 

The living room swivel armchairs in this collection offer a variety of options to make your living room come to life, from strikingly bright fabrics to deeply dark leathers. 

To furnish your modern living room, choose urban accent chairs or a cozy armchair to go with more conventional décor.

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