wall art for living room

Where to Find Nice Wall Art for Living Room?

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a room feel different is by adding wall art. It’s also a great way to add character, color, and style. So keep reading to know where to buy wall art for the living room.

Oversized wall art is a great option if you’re looking for a piece of living room decor that lights up the room. 

Making an impact doesn’t require you to change your whole interior decor to elevate your living room. 

wall art for living room

You can completely change the appearance of your living room by adding large wall art along with a few basic accessories.

Canvas prints are a great way to display your personality and sense of style, regardless of how traditional or trendy you are. We have compiled a full list of where to get those lovely art below.

Where to Buy Nice Wall Art for Living Room?

While there are many stores where you can purchase wall art, we’ve included our favorites here. They are all among the most affordably priced options we have found online as of this writing without compromising on sophistication or style.

1. Amazon

2. eBay

3. Walmart

4. Etsy

5. Wish

6. Best Buy

7. Target

8. Home Depot

9. Sears

10. Kohl’s

Reasons Why Art is a Must-Have for Living Room

wall art for living room

It’s crucial to choose the right artwork once you’ve decided to invest time, money, and effort in it (well done!). You should also be aware of how powerful art can be in providing the ideal finishing touch to your living room.

1. It’s a great conversation starter: Art is a great conversation starter because it can be interpreted and perceived in so many ways. A person’s interpretation of a work of art can reveal a lot about their beliefs and worldview. 

2. It adds character to a room: It resembles the final accent in your living room. Its hues and its personality, definition, and texture, give a space of character and completion.

3. It is a window into your personality: Your choice of artwork will greatly define your personality, whether you are an animal lover or a nature enthusiast, a fun-loving person or a secretive one, possess unfulfilled desires, or are a go-getter.

4. Make a lovely coordinate: One can select artwork that goes well with the living room’s furnishings and its walls. An artwork inspired by the monsoon season looks great, with a gorgeous grey rug with a cloud pattern. 

5. Allows experimentation: The most flexible form of expression is art, and it’s possible to try different media even inside a frame. In living rooms, oils, watercolors, and mixed media are all excellent choices. 

Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

The moment has come to furnish your living room with distinctive wall décor ideas if the walls seem empty and empty of any artwork, wall hangings, or other décor. 

1. Work with Sporting Equipment

Take a moment to pull ideas from the things around you and show off unique personal items. You just have to set them right against an empty wall in your living room.

Assuming for a moment, you’re rather fond of surfing. Your surfboards can effectively double as interesting and practical wall decor.

You might feel that your own sports kit doesn’t quite match the aesthetic appeal of these boards though. If so, why not consider an alternative? Consider a mirror substitute or even go big with substantial artwork.

2. Hang Alternative Art

Choose something more dynamic, like a sculpture above the fireplace, rather than a traditional painting or print.

The area above the mantel is a coveted spot in the living room, but it’s rarely used. Instead of placing a TV above the fireplace, consider placing something more interesting and artistic there.

3. Go for Large-Scale Paintings

To add a dramatic visual element to your living room, hang a painting on a blank wall. The bigger the painting, the greater the impact.

This large painting looks great next to a door on a small wall. The living room provides depth and contrast with additional framed artwork hanging behind the hallway.

4. Organize a Gallery Wall

If you enjoy the idea of hanging several pieces of art but are uncomfortable with a collection of them on one wall, arrange a gallery by hanging framed pieces in precise alignment.

Make sure you measure precisely so that every frame is the same distance apart. Choosing to work with a smaller or larger quantity of art will be a great way to fill up some space.

5. Try Cornered Art

To achieve this elegant look, hang prints, paintings, or photos on two intersecting walls. Take a risk and hang two wildly different pieces of art, or use the same artist, medium, or color palette to create a unified effect.

These pieces tie the room together with their black accents and similar frameworks.

6. Layer Fun Wallpaper With Paintings

Make a statement by layering a painting over a wallpaper with a beautiful pattern. Although it’s a risky decision, a bold print looks great in this eclectic room.

Try experimenting with different materials, colors, and patterns to make eye-catching wall décor.

7. Include Iridescent Mirrors

Make use of unique items, such as this shimmering mirror. The wooden fireplace, mirror rim, and accent pieces give the room depth and brightness while maintaining a sense of coherence.

Another great way to let light into the living room and give the impression of space, even in a small one, is with a traditional mirror.

8. Decorate With Small Objects

An integrated bookcase is an ideal solution for showcasing tiny items and trinkets in an eye-catching manner.

To improve the living room’s décor, arrange sculptures, colorful books, tiny items, and decorative boxes on bookcase shelves. This also looks great in an area where the walls are already covered in art and other décor.

9. Create a Diptych

To create a diptych, hang two pieces side by side or in a row. Just like you would for a gallery wall, measure carefully and accurately. Don’t forget to consider the size of the art, the dimensions of the walls, and the overall flow of the room.

10. Incorporate Bookcases

An original idea for wall decoration in the living room is to design using bookcases. Wall-to-wall bookcases are a way to make a statement and display the most cherished items in your home.

Where to Hang Art in Your Living Room

wall art for living room

The options available when deciding where to hang wall art in the living room can easily overwhelm you.

It’s difficult to know where to begin because there are so many variations in sizes and frames, as well as numerous arrangements. Below, we’ve compiled a few suggestions:

  • Above your couch: It’s what guests see when they enter. Depending on the available wall space, one large canvas or a pair of them works well here.
  • Above your fireplace: Placing artwork over a fireplace makes it the center of attention and ensures that it is visible from every angle in the space.
  • Across the Window: Place your artwork on a wall across from a window so you can appreciate the view and your artwork at the same time.
  • Shelves: If you want to add postcards, smaller artwork, or pictures from your favorite vacation, shelves are a great idea.
  • Sideboards: It’s currently very in style to display art on your floor or sideboard, especially big, minimalistic abstract prints.

Though sideboards and shelves aren’t technically hanging furniture, they’re still excellent choices if you rent a place and don’t want to start drilling holes in the walls or hammering nails.

Choosing wall art that you are comfortable with is the key to choosing the “right” piece. Combine the newest styles with your own to create a look that’s both universal and personal.

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