floor lamps for living room

Choosing the Perfect Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Lighting, no matter how big or small, can transform a space. It’s a good idea to balance an overhead light fixture with stylish floor lamps for the living room to create an inviting interior with multiple layers of light.

Check out our selection of the top floor lamps below, whether you want to improve a living room, or add flair to a bedroom arrangement, dining room, or study area.

While some of our selections are inexpensive, we’ve also included some that are well worth the investment.

floor lamps for living room

Floor lamps, as opposed to desk lamps, can squeeze into small spaces to brighten dim areas or reading nooks, improve your leisure time, or create a cozier atmosphere for late-night gatherings. 

The lighting options below include modern, industrial, and sculpture-inspired pieces that can be purchased at online stores like Wayfair and Amazon.

Although some lighting options can be purchased for as little as $40, unique floor lamps can command a higher price.

20 Best Floor Lamps for More Light and a Decor Upgrade

Below are 20 of the best floor lamps to upgrade your living room;

1. Hugo Barbell Floor Lamp

Hugo Barbell Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is one of those that functions as a work of art.

The natural color and smooth shape of the handcrafted oak base add texture without taking over any given space.

Order Now at Lostine.com

2. Fatima 60″ Arched Floor Lamp

Fatima 60" Arched Floor Lamp

This Burrow lamp is great, and sometimes all you need is something cool.

Save it for your little reading nook, if you happen to have one or want one. It has a diameter of 11.75 inches and a height of 60 inches, and it takes an LED standard A19 socket bulb.

Order Now at Wayfair

3. Torch Floor Lamp

Torch Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is ideal for a straightforward piece that provides a lot of light because it is small and minimalist in both appearance and size.

The bright, pointed task light is ideal for placing next to a desk or reading nook that requires some extra illumination.

Order now at Article

4. Weave Natural Floor Lamp

Weave Natural Floor Lamp

This floor lamp with a natural weave is ideal for areas that require soft, indirect lighting.

Maybe an extra-vibe office space, or a place where you all congregate to watch TV. With its 12-inch diameter and 47.5-inch height, it’s a perfect fit for a solitary corner.

Order now at Crate & Barrel

5. Hsyile Modern Floor Lamp

Hsyile Modern Floor Lamp

Function comes first in some smaller spaces, and a floor lamp with an integrated table is perfect for that kind of situation.

Store this next to your bed or in your office, where you can always reach water, a book, or your phone.

Order now at Amazon

6. Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp

This tripod floor lamp is a great accent for a mid-century modern look.

The base is made of wood and metal, and the light is softened as it passes through a sheer black shade. It uses a 150W E26 medium bulb and is a standard plug-in lamp.

Order now at Urban Outfitters

7. Beacon Floor Lamp

Beacon Floor Lamp

The simple gunmetal floor lamp from Article is stylish and industrial. It is compatible with all kinds of LED lights and home decor styles and requires very little space.

Order now at Article

8. Katia Floor Lamp

Katia Floor Lamp

The clever design of this floor lamp allows the light to be diffused into a soft, ambient glow by the shade.

It has power, but it never seems overly intense or bright. The body’s simple curve adds coolness without being overbearing.

Order now at MCGeeandco.com

9. Rotaire Dimmable LED Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Rotaire Dimmable LED Swing Arm Floor Lamp

This allows you to orient the arm in any direction you choose, providing either ambient or direct lighting depending on which way it faces.

Order now at Allmodern

10. Leah Floor Lamp

Leah Floor Lamp

With its cool brass arm and straightforward ivory shade, this thin, minimalist floor lamp takes care of all the décor duties.

Even though it’s only lighting up a corner, the body’s slight curve gives the impression that the entire piece is the centerpiece.

Order now at Interiordefine.com

11. Matin Floor Lamp

Matin Floor Lamp

Hay is the brand we recommend most for basic, high-quality home goods.

Efficiency and minimalism are exuded by this Danish-inspired brand, particularly in this compact yet powerful floor lamp. Pick from a few striking, cool shade colors.

Order now at Hay

12. Threshold Floor Lamp

Threshold Floor Lamp

Extra lighting with a drink table attached is even better than overhead lighting that isn’t blinding. Never again attempt to balance your coffee and/or the remote control on the couch arm.

Order now at Target

13. Ghost Floor Lamp

Ghost Floor Lamp

This innovative take on a floor lamp is just one example of how ABC Home constantly goes above and beyond traditional home goods.

Its translucent opal glass emits a glowy, cozy light that makes it look more like a sculpture than a humble old light source.

Order now at ABChome.com

14. Signe Floor Lamp

Signe Floor Lamp

Start adding Philips Hue lights to your rooms if you want to turn your house into a smart one. Alternatively, you can purchase a full pack, which includes this gradient floor lamp.

It connects to an app, which you can use to control it or your voice. The light is a mixture of color and white that casts a warm glow above everything else.

Order now at Philips-Hue.com

15. Overarching Floor Lamp

Overarching Floor Lamp

The floor lamp from West Elm is incredibly dramatic. In a room where it fits, it’s a great addition.

The bold shape maintains its simplicity thanks to the full brass coloring, which includes a metal shade. Combine it with a 60W incandescent, 7W LED, or smart lightbulb.

Order now at West Elm

16. Flos Spun Floor Lamp

Flos Spun Floor Lamp

Either be extra or be economical. And extra special is this Flos spun floor lamp. It’s expensive, but it also appears expensive.

The sculpture was created by designer and sculptor Sebastian Wrong, who paid close attention to every little detail. Standing 69 inches tall, this floor lamp is taller than most, thanks to its machined aluminum construction.

Order now at Design Within Reach

17. Prix Leather and Brass Floor Lamp

Prix Leather and Brass Floor Lamp

The floor lamp by CB2, made of brass and leather, is simple yet incredibly stylish. Save it for a room with muted colors or any place you don’t want a statement lamp taking center stage.

Order now at CB2

18. Three-Globe Floor Lamp 

Three-Globe Floor Lamp 

This brass and globe combination makes a simple floor lamp that adds a little personality without feeling like too much of a commitment.

It’s not very committed to mid-century modern, but it leans that way. It is also reasonably priced at $70.

Order now at Amazon

19. Crane LED Floor Lamp

Crane LED Floor Lamp

We pardon you for thinking that every task light had to be on a desk. Let us demonstrate the simple elegance of a floor task lamp, which features an adjustable light to help you see what you’re looking at more clearly.

We assume that you will be using the light to look at architectural mockups, which are represented by the shape of the crane.

Order now West Elm

20. Zanna Floor Lamp

Zanna Floor Lamp

This floor lamp features three bulbs that you can change to create direct or indirect lighting.

Although the gold brushed metal looks great in many settings, a family room or any other area where different people may have different lighting tastes is a great place to use it.

Order now at Lulu and Georgia

Types of Floor Lamps for Living Room

There are various kinds of floor lamps for your living room, below are a few of our picks.

1. Floor Lamps

Any room is perfectly finished with the addition of floor lamps. They not only add extra light but also visual interest and mood-setting potential, enabling you to infuse your home with the cozy, “hygge” vibe.

With one of our contemporary floor lamps, you can create a cozy and timeless lighting statement that will never go out of style while also creating a calming atmosphere.

We provide designer floor lights to light your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, home office, and more. Our selection includes arc and tripod floor lamps. Explore our selection of modern and classic floor lamps right now.

2. Designer Floor Lamps

Our selection of designer floor lamps also referred to as standing lamps, has been created to enhance your current décor.

With our extensive collection of modern designer floor lamps, you are sure to find the perfect lighting for your space, whether you’re looking to add extra lighting to an entire room.

BoConcept offers the ideal floor lamp for any room in your home, whether you’re searching for ambient, directed task, diffused, or any other type of lighting.

3. Arc Floor Lamps

Statement-making arc lamps are among our selections of contemporary standing lamps. These curved floor lamps give your interiors more light and a touch of mid-century design.

They come in a variety of colors, including black, copper, and metal. Why not use this timeless design as the main feature of your living room and arrange our vintage Kuta floor lamp next to your sofa for a contemporary yet vintage aesthetic?

4. Tripod Floor Lamps

Among our modern yet traditional designs, tripod floor lamps are another fantastic style of standing lamp that we offer.

They are simple yet elegant. These designer floor lamps are perfect for small spaces because they typically come with a tripod stand and a lampshade.

With a curved lamp shade that plays with light, our Chelsea floor lamp, designed by renowned designer Karim Rashid, is a contemporary interpretation of this classic style.

5. Antique Brass and Copper Floor Lamps

Copper and antique brass floor lamps are simple ways to give your interiors a dash of contemporary elegance.

These contemporary floor lamps, which come in a range of styles, add light while coordinating perfectly with your current interior design.

Upgrade your basic lighting solution and give your space a new look with an antique brass or copper floor lamp, such as the iconic Kip or retro Kuta models.

What to Look for in a Foor Lamp

Below is what you need to look out for when getting a floor lamp;

1. Switch Adjustability

It is important to note the operating function if you are not looking for the traditional pull-chain style floor lamp and would prefer not to bend down to rotate a floor switch.

Certain lamps have a dimmer to change the brightness on the pole, while others don’t. Even floor lamps with remotes are available so you don’t have to get up to turn down the light.

A flip-on/flip-off foot switch is another convenient option. If your floor lamp is hands-on, place the lightbulb in an accessible location.

2. Height

A floor lamp under fifty inches may create the impression of depth in a room with shorter ceilings, but it will be lost in a house with high ceilings.

To avoid having the lamp appear out of place with your current décor, choose one that stands out in both style and height.

To create the right proportions in your home, measure the length of your desk, couch, or bed at eye level before adding a lamp to your cart.

3. Lighting

Your floor lamp’s shade will determine whether it shines brightly or gives off a gentle glow.

Lampshades can have a metal frame to support the lightbulb, a fabric drum to help direct light, or a frosted finish to help tame bright light bulbs.

Alternatively, you could go with an exposed lightbulb in the classic Edison design.

4. Style and Function

For every taste and objective, there are a plethora of options. Do you require a task light? Or are you trying to find a focal point?

To determine what still looks best, you can also take into account whether your house has overhead and window lighting. 

5. Choose from Three Lamps

Arc lamps, globe lamps, pharmacy lamps, and so forth. A floor lamp with a swinging arm or a bendable arm that adapts to your needs can be identified by its style.

Beyond the shades of black and gold as shown in the above options, floor lamps are available in a multitude of colors.

So with the options we have carefully selected for above, you can make your choice and be sure it fits your aesthetic style and taste.

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