glow your own way b tan

How to Use Glow Your Own Way B Tan?

Do you know how to glow your own way B Tan? Some people know to to use B tan properly and it works effectively for them while some have no idea about what B tan is.

Growing up in Florida or other sun-drenched areas of the country, surrounded by surfer girls and skater boys with sun-bleached streaks in their hair and lovely tans, is a real problem.

Self-tanning with Glow Your Own Way B Tan concerns planning, application, and after-tanning care.

glow your own way b tan

Self-tanning has progressed from a summer luxury to a year-round beauty regimen, and one product that’s causing a stir is the Glow Your Own Way B Tan.

Getting a gorgeous sun-kissed look has never been easier. We will walk you through the art of self-tanning.

Help you master the techniques and get that luminous, bronzed look without the sun’s detrimental effects.

You may attain that lovely, natural-looking glow you desire with the appropriate technique and practice. So, say goodbye to dangerous UV rays and hello to an all-year-round tan!

What is Glow Your Own Way B Tan?

An amazing tan glow is achieved on your skin with the “Glow Your Own Way B Tan” self-tanning solution.

Tanning foam with natural-looking effects and ease of application is well-known. Both experienced and novice self-tanners can use it because it is made to produce a tan without spots.

Many individuals love the idea of having beautiful, flawless skin, the beauty that comes with such luxury, and tanning their skin. But there are steps you need to do to ensure a flawless tan as listed below:

1. Remove Dead Skin Cells: The first step to a beautiful tan is exfoliating your skin. By doing this you have to apply a light and little scrub to remove dead skin cells and focus on rough areas like the elbows, knees, and ankles. This allows for a more uniform application and long-lasting tan.

2. Hydrate: Apply a light moisturizer to parched parts of your skin, such as your hands, feet, and ankles. This produces a more natural look by preventing the self-tanner from sticking to dry areas.

How to Use the B Tan Glow Your Own Way

How to Use the B Tan Glow Your Own Way

If you’ve ever self-tanned, you are aware of the practice required. Developed over many years and with countless errors, this is a procedure for utilizing the product:

1. Shave, Exfoliate, and Take a Shower

If you’re a more is more kind of gal, you will like to dry brush before you go in the shower and use a sugar scrub while you are in there, one technique will do. Next, shave in the desired area.

2. Lotion the Entire Body

While most how-toss for self-tanners advise applying lotion to dry spots like elbows, knees, and ankles, we prefer to apply a light coating of moisturizer all over.

3. Self-tan from the Bottom up

Use your hands to pump the gel and then massage it into your legs. Apply the product first on your thigh or calf, and then blend it over your knees and ankles if you have a bit less product on your hands.

Although you could use a tanning mitt, you found that by using your hands causes less streaking from the Glow Your Own Way gel.

After rubbing it in until it’s completely absorbed, go on to the next body part until the job is finished.

4. Make sure to Fully Wash your Hands

If you choose to go on the process without gloves, you should immediately wash your hands after tanning because your palms don’t normally become tan and it doesn’t appear natural for them to match the rest of your skin tone.

To ensure that the substance doesn’t stick to your cuticles and nails, you can always carry an inexpensive toothbrush with you.

5. Put on Clothes and Head out once the Tan is Dry

You’ll appear as though you recently returned from a tropical vacation in roughly eight hours. You moisturize every day to prolong the effects.

After a week, you normally reapply if I want to maintain my tan.

What to do Next After Application

Choosing when to rinse off the tan comes next once you’ve finished applying it. You must give the self-tanner at least ten to fifteen minutes to dry before dressing or coming into contact with water. Preventing streaks requires taking this crucial step.

Next, rinse off any remaining self-tanner following the recommended development period, which is usually one to six hours. Gently cleanse your body with a mild body wash.

What are the Ingredients of Glow Your Own Way B Tan

As one might anticipate, the Glow Your Own Way self-tanner’s ingredient list consists mostly of chemical terms that have little meaning for non-chemists.

However, you’ll see that the ingredients at the top water, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and extracts from coconut and sugar cane are what make up the majority of the mixture.

Bonus points for the Glow Your Own Way gel’s veganism, paraben-free formulation, and lack of animal testing by b.tan.

It’s good to know that the b.tan gel satisfies the experts’ standards for safe self-tanner use during pregnancy.

It’s not a spray, so you won’t inhale any chemicals, it doesn’t contain skincare ingredients that are unsafe for pregnant women (like retinol), and its ingredient list is short, meaning there aren’t many chemicals in the formula overall.

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