places that hire at 15

What are Some Places that Hire at 15?

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re a teen looking for places that hire at 15. You must be prepared to begin making real money.

Even though you might not consider it now, your first job will always be in your memory. Many businesses have a minimum age requirement of fourteen for their employees.

As a minor, they still limit you in the types of jobs you can take and the number of hours you can work in a day and a week. 

places that hire at 15

Encouraging your teenagers to work will teach them financial independence and responsibility as well as the virtues of diligence and hard work.

Although, there are some State-specific employment laws attached to this, which means that while some companies may hire 14 and 15-year-olds in some states, they may not in other states.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has numerous laws in place expressly to protect workers under the age of sixteen because there is no shortage of jobs available to those who are fifteen.

Top 20 Places that Hire at 15 Years of Age

Businesses such as fast-food restaurants, entertainment centers, water parks, amusement parks, survey companies, and grocery stores offer job opportunities to younger people.

The locations that hire at 15 are listed below.

1. AMC Theatres

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies in theaters? Another great company that hires at 14 and 15 is AMC. Opportunities include concession sales, ticket sales, and theater upkeep.

To find out if your state and AMC hire at 14 and 15, get in touch with the manager of your neighborhood AMC theater.

Make sure to inquire at your neighborhood independent theater and watch a movie as well. They might be open to hiring you.

2. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

For the role of Team Lead/Supervisor, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream of Las Vegas is seeking both full-time and part-time individuals.

Their goal is to provide customers with the freshest, highest-quality ice cream alongside an amazing experience.

Bruster’s dedication to quality and freshness hasn’t altered since 1989. We have a strong commitment to providing excellent service and treating every one of the clients like family.

Since they pay everyone on their team a competitive wage from the outset, each member of their team plays a vital role in our customers’ experience.

3. Baskin Robbins

You might be a good fit for Baskin Robbins if you enjoy cake and ice cream. Seek for roles as a cake decorator, ice cream scooper, and team member.

4. Adidas North America, Inc

Adidas North America, Inc. is a manufacturer of athletic footwear and gear. The business is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and was established in 1993.

Operating as a subsidiary of Adidas International B.V., Adidas North America, Inc. has an exceptionally high percentage of Democratic Party members among its workforce 80.0%.

Employees at none tend to have relatively brief tenures, even when they may have politically aligned colleagues. Employees typically work at the company for 2.8 years.

5. Chick-fil-A

With over 2,000 locations in the US, Chick-fil-A might help you. Since minors are not permitted to use hot equipment like grills and deep fryers.

Make sure you search for front-of-the-house (FOH) team member positions (like cashier or drive-thru).

6. Aeropostale

Aeropostale is a company that specializes in clothing and accessories specifically targeting young adults. It started as a retailer based in American shopping malls operating under the name Aero.

One of the things that make the company well known is its workforce, with 65.3% of its employees being women and 42.2% representing minorities.

The headquarters are located in New York City, where Aeropostale has become an industry leader with 21,007 employees and an annual revenue of $1.8 billion.

In terms of salaries Aeropostale employees earn an average of $29,499, per year; however, some competitors may offer salaries to their staff members.

7. Community Centers

For teenagers ages 14 and 15, there are great job opportunities at local parks recreation centers, parks, and community centers.

The jobs include lifeguarding, coaching, program coordinators, front desk assistance, after-school youth support, and more.

To locate jobs for teenagers, visit the website of your city or your community center.

8. Dairy Queen

Regardless of your preference for ice cream or chicken strips, Diary Queen offers lunch, dessert, and possibly even employment.

You can anticipate working as a cashier, restaurant cleaner, or in food preparation at any of the more than 4,000 locations across the nation.

9. Kroger

With 29 distinct grocery store brands spread across 42 states, Kroger offers a variety of jobs under 16 to teenagers.

These jobs include those as cashier, cart attendant, order pulled (for online grocery orders), bakery assistant, and floral assistant.

10. Local Amusement/Entertainment Venues

Are there any state fairs, neighborhood carnivals, or amusement parks in your area?

These kinds of establishments frequently hire teenagers for seasonal jobs in particular, much like a large amusement park like Six Flags.

11. Local Coffee Shop

One of the most in-demand goods worldwide is coffee! Coffee shops typically need additional staff to manage the volume.

Being a barista is the primary position where you will learn how to use the espresso machine to make delicious coffee.

Customer service, register work, and equipment preparation and cleaning are the additional facets of the job. There are always delectable baked goods at coffee shops.

12. McDonald’s

Some McDonald’s locations start hiring crew members at the age of 14. The kitchen crew, counter crew, and maintenance crew are the three crew teams.

The Archways to Opportunity Program, which helps employees pay for four-year, community college, or trade school education, is a great perk of working at McDonald’s.

Crew members are eligible for an annual tuition reimbursement of $2,500. Crew members must work a minimum of 90 days and 15 hours per week to be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

13. Publix

The biggest supermarket chain in the US, Publix, places a high value on its ability to serve customers.

For positions such as cashiers, front service clerks (who assist with bagging), and cart attendants, some locations start hiring at age 14 or 15. To apply online, visit Publix’s website.

14. Safeway

Some Safeway and Albertsons grocery stores hire at 14 for positions. So if you are 15 then you are eligible for the job, of course, these jobs are exciting.

Some of the jobs available are cashiers, courtesy clerks, and cart attendants, if you’re interested in working there, you can apply.

15. Six Flags

If you’re fortunate enough to reside close to one of the eleven states where Six Flags operates.

You may find adventure both as a guest and as an employee. Some jobs may be seasonal, like summer employment at a water park.

16. Stop & Shop

With more than 400 stores, this East Coast grocery chain employs young people as young as 15.

Most likely, you’ll be employed in the grocery, bakery, or flower departments.

17. Taco Bell

Consider a job at Taco Bell if you feel at ease handling a cash register and taking orders from customers.

Taco Bell, which has more than 7,000 locations, might be a terrific place for you to land your first job. They also have an amazing employee scholarship program that can help you with college expenses.

18. American Eagle Outfitters

Retailer American Eagle Outfitters sells apparel, accessories, and personal hygiene items.

Employees at American Eagle Outfitters have an average tenure of 2.8 years and an average compensation of $31,272 annually.

19. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

The company Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is an omnichannel retailer that sells a variety of household goods and furnishings under the brands Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, etc.

40.0% of the company’s members are ethnic minorities, and 59.0% are women. With 57.0% of workers identifying as Democratic Party members.

An employee at Bed Bath & Beyond typically earns $28,358 annually. Comparatively speaking, some of its highest-paying rivals, such as Target, Linens ‘n Things, and Chico’s FAS, pay $36,548, $35,229, and $34,211, respectively.

20. Dineequity

One of the biggest full-service dining corporations in the world, Dine Brands Global is the franchisor of two of the most recognizable and enduring brands in America: Applebee’s Grill + Bar and IHOP.

With 60.0% of employees identifying as Democratic Party members, DineEquity employees are marginally more likely to be Republican Party members than Democratic Party members.

DineEquity pays its employees an average of $66,799 annually. By contrast, some of its highest-paying rivals, such as Scarab Consulting, Viad, and Carlson Companies, pay, respectively, $83,512, $71,086, and $68,921.

Benefits of Working at Age 15

Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 15 decide to work for a variety of reasons.

The costs start to mount up when you start high school, and you’ll probably want to stop depending on your parents for financial assistance.

For whatever reason, there are many advantages to working when you’re young, some of which include:

  • Put money aside for college.
  • Acquire accountability and a constructive mindset regarding collaboration.
  • Increase your level of independence and financial literacy.
  • Gain useful professional abilities such as prioritizing, keeping track of time, and providing customer service.
  • Acquire useful work experience to get ready for a full-time job.

How Many Hours Can a 15-year-old Legally Work

places that hire at 15

The FLSA also establishes the maximum number of hours that a minor (16 years old) may work during the hours that schools are in session. Shift work is not allowed during school hours.

Your working hours as a 14 or 15-year-old are restricted to:

  • Non-school hours.
  • Eight hours on a non-school day.
  • Forty hours on a non-school/vacation week.
  • Three hours on a school day.
  • Eighteen hours in a school week.

Except for June 1st, when you can work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., you can work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

That’s it, a thorough guide to employers who take on employees as young as 15. Striking a balance between work, extracurricular activities, and schooling can be difficult.

You must continue to get enough sleep and complete your schoolwork. Finding the right balance can help you reach your full potential and shape you into a responsible, capable, and mature individual.

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