how to clean a mattress

How to Clean a Mattress without Vacuum?

How to clean a mattress isn’t a difficult task because it is what you need to know and do, as a dirty mattress brings discomfort during sleep.

There are moments when we want to steal a few hours of sleep because we feel like there isn’t enough time during the day to finish everything that needs to be done. 

A multitude of internal and external factors influence the quality of your sleep. Among them is your bed, where you may even spend thirty percent of your life.

how to clean a mattress

Regretfully, not everyone is aware of the connection between cleanliness, good sleep hygiene, and overall health.

Using a vacuum is the simplest way to get rid of dust and other particles from your bed. But there are ways you can still clean your mattress without using a vacuum. However, cleaning your mattress isn’t always enough. 

You could also try combining baking soda, baking soda, and white vinegar, or detergent and water solution in this case. 

It will help you to unwind in bed, knowing that your mattress is brand-new and clean. You can clean your mattress without a vacuum by following the instructions below.

How to Clean a Mattress with a Vacuum

Before we go into how to clean a mattress, let me enlighten you on why you need to do so.

Your mattress can gather dust, dirt, and other particles over time, just like any other piece of furniture.

This mostly occurs when improper care is given to it. The materials used to make mattresses are prone to drawing in dead skin cells and dust particles. 

Moreover, if you happen to have pets residing in your household it is highly likely that your mattress will accumulate stains and fur, over time.

Although these microscopic particles remain unseen to the eye they can still pose health risks, such as triggering allergies caused by dust mites.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mattress holds importance as it helps eliminate particles that can potentially irritate your respiratory system or give rise to other respiratory problems.

Additionally, the unpleasant odors that may emanate from the mattress often attributed to accumulated dust or shed skin cells should also be taken into consideration.

Fortunately cleaning your mattress requires a few minutes of your time. Does not necessitate any specialized tools or materials.

However, prior to commencing the cleaning process, it is advisable to review and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications in order to prevent any damage to the cooling component commonly found in many mattresses.

How Can You Clean a Mattress without Using a Vacuum Cleaner?

how to clean a mattress

The following three effective homemade remedies utilize readily available ingredients from your kitchen;

Step 1: Utilize a Water and Detergent Solution

In this method, a mixture of water and detergent is utilized for tackling stains present, on your mattress.

To perform this five-step procedure;

1. Fill the bowl with a liter of water. Add one teaspoon of detergent. Stir until you see foam forming. If the mattress is smaller you can use half a liter instead.

2. Use a clean cloth or delicate brush to check that the solution isn’t overly wet.

3. Scrub the mattress with a vigorous circular motion.

4. Use a fresh, damp towel to blot away any potential residue.

5. Let the mattress air dry on its own.

The downside of this approach is that you can’t use the mattress again until it has dried. To make sure that your bed is completely dry, you should apply this technique first thing in the morning.

In this manner, the daylight will help your mattress dry faster during the day. If not, you might find it difficult to fall asleep at night on your bed.

Step 2: Baking Soda

If your mattress just needs a light cleaning, the second method of cleaning with baking soda is excellent.

The unpleasant smell of perspiration or pet accidents can be eliminated with baking soda, a neutralizing agent. This is what you should do:

1. Give your mattress a thin layer of baking soda. Make sure you use enough to cover the entire surface.

2. Allow it to sit for a minimum of thirty minutes, although it is better to leave it for several hours. You may expose the mattress to the sun during that period to prevent the bacteria from growing on the surface of your bed.

3. Use a dry, clean cloth to remove any leftover soda after a few hours. As an alternative, you could use a gentle hand brush.

If you are unable to move your mattress outside, you can get just as much natural light by simply opening your blinds. To let fresh air into the room and the mattress, you could also open the windows.

Step 3: White Vinegar and Baking Soda

For a more thorough cleaning of your mattress, the third method works great. You will need multiple towels, baking soda, and a sprayer filled with white vinegar to accomplish this.

Mixing vinegar and baking soda yields the best results when used as cleaning agents. These are the guidelines:

1. Use a sprayer to apply white vinegar all over your mattress.

2. Evenly distribute baking soda throughout your mattress, making sure to cover all surface areas.

3. For two to four hours, cover the mattress with fresh towels. Following that, take off the towels and let the mattress air dry.

4. Use a hand brush or a clean cloth to remove any remaining dried soda residue from the mattress.

When cleaning mattresses, this technique works well for removing especially tough stains.

How to Keep Mattresses Cleaner Longer

Before knowing how to keep your mattress clean for a longer period. How often are you expected to clean your mattress?

Although this cannot be over-emphasized because there isn’t a set frequency for cleaning mattresses, it is impossible to clean them too frequently. The better, the cleaner.

Of course, there might be some circumstances bedding, for instance, that call for an urgent, deep clean. You shouldn’t disregard the need to urinate.

The same holds if a person has been sweating profusely and has a high fever while in bed. Cleaning the mattress as soon as possible is recommended.

Below are what to do to keep your mattress clean for a longer period:

1. Remove Mattress Odors: To get rid of odors, mix baking soda and cornstarch. After shaking it into the mattress and letting it sit for a few hours or overnight, vacuum it.

2. Let Your Mattress Air Out: When doing laundry, make the bed in the morning and wait until the evening to replace the linens.

3. Include a mattress protector or pad: Recall that mattress coverings and pads serve purposes other than comfort.

Additionally, they keep your mattress cleaner. Unless the packaging specifies otherwise, wash your mattress protector once a month in hot water and fully dry it in the machine.

The process of keeping your mattress clean is still simple even without the use of a vacuum.

There are many other alternative ways to keep your mattress sparkling clean with the use of baking soda, water, vinegar, etc.

Although it may be a little bit demanding, the result will put a smile on your face.

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