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Completion of college is an exciting and intriguing moment for most people because it is associated with acquiring of a job and pursuing one's career. But now what? It’s a new experience, finding a job and entering the corporate workplace, and you may have little knowledge of what is required. But in due time, we’ve found that our Entry Level candidates and new graduates catch up and perform their obligations with due diligence, care, and skills. Success of any college graduate depends on some factors such as merit based growth, entry level opportunities, and hands-on training, which offer a learning scope for them.


1. Merit-Based Promotion – NO SENIORITY. The better your performance the more benefits you reap, such as promotions, more responsibilities, and better opportunities. MGA's philosophy of rapid, merit-based promotion means that you advance based on performance, not seniority. Our motto is that “we work as hard for you as you do,” focusing our attention on those individuals who put forth the most effort and show the most dedication and willingness to learn, grow, and develop.

2. Entry Level Positions – Entry level jobs provide a stepping stone for our team, in order to learn everything from the ground-up, and grow organically in our company. We’ve found that our team appreciates having to learn all aspects of the business and gaining hands-on experience, in order to better serve their teams.

3. Hands-on Training – Allow our team to be able to obtain all the skills and expertise, and learn the rules and regulations of the organization for effective and efficient performance and leadership.

4. Unlimited Commission and Bonuses – Our team appreciates the opportunity to consistently increase their earnings on a weekly basis, and it provides an effective incentive for them to push harder. Ultimately, it provides additional motivations to challenge them in other aspects of their lives.

5. Exponential Growth Opportunities – MGA Business Consulting offers unlimited training in the office, as well as seminars and conferences. We allow our team to be involved in decision-making, which allows everyone to feel included and as an important part of the team.

6. Management Training Program – Our management training program is designed to train and develop people from all degrees and walks of life from entry level marketing and sales representatives into managing partners within our organization. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a professional with years of experience, you must begin at the entry level in order to earn a management position in our firm.

7. Leadership Development – Properly developing our team provides a competitive advantage to us by enabling our team and leaders to understand their strengths and weakness, and gain new skills to lead with confidence and purpose. This promotes the success of our team and increases employee engagement.

8. A Fun-Family and Professional-Oriented Work Environment - As a marketing and sales leader in Phoenix and a leading provider of sales and marketing jobs, careers, and opportunities in the Metro area, we understand that, in order for us to be successful, we have to have an amazing culture. We pride ourselves on being a place where people love to come to work every day. From philanthropy and community involvement, to travel opportunities, to weekly team activities, to our daily commitment to be a fun place to work - MGA Business Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing our team a true WORK HARD, PLAY HARD culture.

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