american express gift card balance

How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance?

How can you check for the American Express gift card balance? Is there another way, or can you check them online?

Don’t worry you’ve reached the right place if these are the questions you have.

This Financial services provider specializes in credit card transactions. Although they have other brands, they are most recognized for being card providers for other brands.

american express gift card balance

AMEX gift cards are one of them. These digital assets are mostly looked for and can be used in many different kinds of transactions.

However, because it is not a typical debit card, you cannot check your American Express balance at an ATM or through your Bank app. 

So we’ll show you not just what AMEX gift cards are used for but also how to check their balance.

Checking Your American Express Gift Card Balance

The two best ways to check the balance of your American Express gift card are to call the number on the back of your card or to use the balance checker on the AMEX website.

You can check your balance by calling the number listed on the back of the gift card. A customer care representative will assist you and seek your card serial number to query the card’s balance.

You can also use the AMEX website’s balance checker to check the balance on your gift card.

Once on the page, simply input the necessary card information to check your balance.

This contains your AMEX gift card number, 3-digit security code (found on the front of the card), and expiration date.

What is the AMEX Gift Card Used for?

AMEX gift cards are typically used to pay for services and items purchased in stores.

AMEX gift cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. You can, however, sell them for money on platforms that swap gift cards.

When selecting a trading exchange platform, it is critical to take caution because some may be fraudulent.

Where Can the American Express Gift Card Be Used?

AMEX gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts them. They could be mail-order, online, or phone retailers based in the United States.

Please keep in mind that using an AMEX gift card only allows you to shop with merchants based in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Furthermore, an eGift card cannot be used in place of a physical card.

How to Activate Your Gift Card

Most of the time, if your gift card was purchased at, it can be used right away.

To activate your Card, either call the toll-free number on the back of your Card or login to with your Card details. 

Your card number, validity date, and security code which can be found on the back of your card must be provided.

If your gift card is lost or stolen, we advise you to write down the following details and sign your name on the back of the card:

  • The number on the gift card a 4-digit card’s identifying code printed on the front
  • The 3-digit Card Security Code is located on the back of the Card
  • Customer Service phone number.

Does the American Express Gift Card Expire?

Does the American Express Gift Card Expire?

The balance on your American Express gift card never expires.

However, the card is only usable for a limited time (for more information, read the front of your gift card). 

You cannot use your gift card after the valid through date, but you may always request a new card, which is free if your card meets its “Valid Through” date before exhausting its available balance.

How to Correct Your Card Problems

American Express gives you access to a state-by-state directory of contact details in case you have any inquiries or issues with your card.

To begin, call the toll-free number provided. Once you find your state on the Money Services Business Disclosures page, navigate to it and follow the instructions.

To check your balance or report a lost or stolen card, use this method.

As soon as you receive your card, register it online with Amex to prevent issues.

To avoid having to check your balance every time you use it, think about writing down the balance on a plastic card using a permanent marker.

Knowing your AMEX gift card balance allows you to avoid overpaying and ensures you have enough money to finish your shopping. 

Checking the balance of your AMEX gift card is a simple operation that may be done in person, over the phone, or online.

We hope this post has taught you how to activate your AMEX gift card and where to redeem it.

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