how many pounds is a stone

How Many Pounds is a Stone?

An easy-to-use and effective tool for converting weights from stones to pounds is the stones-to-pounds converter. Keep reading to know how many pounds is a stone with a few examples.

The equivalent weight in pounds is determined by the converter, which then shows the outcome. So you may be wondering how many pounds is a stone.

The stones-to-pounds values, conversion table can be a useful tool besides the converter. For ease of reference, this table provides a range of common stone values, along with their corresponding pound equivalents.

how many pounds is a stone

Additionally, we provide a special interactive slide bar converter that makes converting stone values between 1 and 100 easier.

Sliding the bar to the left or right will quickly calculate and display the corresponding pound value.

This tool makes it simple to find the pound value of a stone value. Here are the steps to accurately convert stones to pounds and pounds to stones, as well as how to calculate the equivalent value of pounds in stones.

How Many Pounds is a Stone?

The using of stones as weights, which has been used since antiquity, is where the term “stone” originates.

The Bible forbade carrying “diverse weights, a large and a small” in trade, and England and other Germanic-speaking nations in Northern Europe employed a variety of standard “stones” for this purpose.

Depending on the region and items weighed, their values can range from around 3 to 15 kg (or 5 to 40 local pounds).

Europe’s several “stones” were replaced by or adjusted to the kilogram starting in the middle of the 19th century due to the introduction of metrication.

One stone is equal to fourteen pounds (lb). Divide the weight in pounds by 14 if you wish to express your weight in stones.

In the other case, multiply the weight in stones by 14 if you have a weight in stones and you want it in pounds. Below is a table of conversions for your daily use to know how many pounds is a stone;

1 Stone 14 Pounds
2 Stones 28 Pounds
3 Stones 42 Pounds
4 Stones  56 Pounds
5 Stones70 Pounds
6 Stones84 Pounds
7 Stones98 Pounds
8 Stones112 Pounds
9 Stones126 Pounds
10 Stones140 Pounds
11 Stones154 Pounds
12 Stones168 Pounds
14 Stones196 Pounds
15 Stones210 Pounds
16 Stones224 Pounds
17 Stones238 Pounds
18 Stones252 Pounds
19 Stones   266 Pounds
20 Stones   280 Pounds
21 Stones294 Pounds
22 Stones308 Pounds
23 Stones322 Pounds
24 Stones336 Pounds
25 Stones350 Pounds
26 Stones364 Pounds
27 Stones378 Pounds
28 Stones392 Pounds
29 Stones 406 Pounds
30 Stones420 Pounds
50 Stones700 Pounds
100 Stones1400 Pounds
200 Stones2800 Pounds
300 Stones4200 Pounds
400 Stones5600 Pounds
500 Stones7000 Pounds
600 Stones8400 Pounds
700 Stones9800 Pounds
800 Stones11200 Pounds
900 Stones12600 Pounds
1000 Stones14000 Pounds

You can use the guidelines below to convert stone to pounds or pounds to stones:

  • To translate stones to pounds: By multiplying the mass of stones by 14, you can find the mass in pounds.
  • Convert pounds to stones: The mass in pounds can be divided by 14 to obtain the mass in stones.

Countries Using Imperial and Metric Systems

how many pounds is a stone

In Australia, New Zealand, and also, in Canada, since the 1960s-70s, the use of the metric system has replaced the old system of measurement which was that of stone and pound.

The stone unit of measurement is still widely used in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and by many people in Australia as a way of measuring human body weight.

This is because it will take a particularly long time for the populations to fully convert to the metric system, i.e. kilograms instead of stones or pounds.

Those people who use the ancient stone unit of measurement, in those countries, say they weigh, e.g. 11 stone 4 (11 stone would mean 11 stones and then the quadruple added as 4th stone i.e. They weigh 11 stone -4 pounds, which is approximately 72 kg or 158 pounds.

The United States of America still has its Imperial system, for example, pounds have been used for the weight measurement of bodies, as stated, U.S. law has been telling that the metric system should be preferred.

But not the only one allowed–compliance is voluntary – some people and industries have done it fully, some do not at all, and most are a mix.

In the UK, the measurement of weight and mass was made using the avoirdupois system and a mixture of metric and imperial units.

Here on our website, we have a simple tool that calculates weight unit conversions. This tool is the best choice for anyone who needs to convert kilograms (kg) into stones (st), pounds (lbs), or ounces (oz).

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