best buy gift card balance

How to Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance Online?

Checking your Best Buy gift card balance is crucial to avoid spending beyond your limit. Pre-loaded gift cards from Best Buy can be used both in-store and online to make purchases of goods and services. You can use this gift card to make purchases at 

Best Buy is well known for offering an extensive assortment of gift cards suitable for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other similar events.

Their gift cards can be used for online purchases through the Best Buy website and at any Best Buy location in the United States and Puerto Rico.

best buy gift card balance

There are various ways you can check the balance on your Best Buy gift card. The methods to check your Best Buy balance are listed below.

But first, be aware that you’ll need your gift card number and PIN to check the balance on a Best Buy gift card. You’re set to go if you have both.

Simple Ways to Check the Best Buy Gift Card Balance

There are three ways to find out how much money is still on your Best Buy gift card:

  • Online
  • Via phone
  • In a store

How to Check the Best Buy Gift Card Balance Online

To view the remaining balance on your gift card via an online link, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the official Best Buy website

2. Access the Menu tab

3. Select Gift Cards

4. Click on Check Card Balance.

5. Choose whether you want to see the balance on your physical gift card or e-gift card.

6. Provide a four-digit PIN code and the gift card number.

7. Click the blue “Check Balance” button.

How to Check the Best Buy Gift Card Balance via Phone

The following phone number can be used to find out the balance on your gift card:

  • Call (888) 716-7994.
  • Tell the agent what kind of information you need.
  • Provide them with the number on the gift card.

Your gift card will be found by the representative using their database and checking its remaining balance.

How to Check Best Buy Gift Card Balance in Person

The following procedures are part of the in-person balance check:

  • The store locator on the official Best Buy website can be used to find a store near you.
  • Go to the designated spot and bring the gift card with you.
  • Request that the store employee swipe your card and indicate how much money is left on it.

What are Best Buy Rewards Programme?

Best Buy Rewards Programme

Many people have been interested in learning more about the operation of the Best Buy Rewards Program.

We will therefore be going over everything you need to know about it. Anyone can sign up for a Best Buy membership online at their official website or in-store for free. 

You receive additional points for each dollar you spend. The primary benefit of participating in the Best Buy Rewards Program is that they can exchange every 250 points you accrue for a $5 reward certificate.

This affects all membership tiers. There are three phases to the Best Buy membership program: Elite, My Best Buy, and Elite Plus. The benefits are as follows:

  • Best Buy customers receive five points for every dollar they spend
  • Get free shipping on orders over $35
  • Have 15 days to return or exchange an item. 

In every order, elite members get one point besides free shipping and delivery. They also have 30 days to exchange or return items.

1.25 points, free two-day shipping, free delivery on all orders, and a 45-day return and exchange policy are all provided to Elite Plus members. You will have to spend more money at Best Buy to scale up these levels.

Is it Possible to Cash in a Used Best Buy Gift Card?

The terms and conditions of the company explicitly indicate that, unless permitted by state law, you generally can not return or exchange a used gift card for cash.

Retailers are required to reimburse you for any remaining balances on your gift card in states where cash-back policies are authorized, provided that the remaining balance does not surpass the maximum stipulated in the relevant state law.

For more information on the cash-back restrictions, see the list below:

1. $10.00 in California only

2. $5.00 in eight states:

3. $3.00 in Connecticut

4. $1.00 in Vermont and Rhode Island

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