does ups deliver on sunday

Does UPS Offer Delivery During the Weekends?

Does UPS deliver on Sunday? Because weekend deliveries have become an important aspect of eCommerce.

Since Amazon began offering Saturday and Sunday delivery, conventional carriers such as UPS have had to keep up. 

And, as customers continue to expect more from stores, businesses should provide a variety of fast, easy delivery options. So it’s normal for people to wonder if UPS delivers on Sunday.

does ups deliver on sunday

For all UPS Saturday deliveries, all major courier firms now provide delivery services outside of usual business hours.

UPS Saturday and Sunday delivery services are assisting the carrier in expanding its operations. Here’s everything to know about UPS delivery on weekends.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

Many of the carrier’s mailing services now provide Saturday delivery. One such example is the UPS Ground service, which transports packages across the United States.

Most UPS courier services, such as UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day Select, provide free Saturday delivery.

Saturday pickup services debuted in 2019 and have since expanded to 122 countries.

The Cost for UPS Delivery on Saturday

UPS delivery on Saturday is a bonus for UPS. The Saturday delivery price is $4 per box for ground commercial delivery packages (besides the standard rate for your product).

The delivery price for a non-ground residential service, such as UPS 2nd Day Air, is $16.

There are different Saturday delivery available for a few popular UPS delivery services. These include:

For Domestic Delivery

  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS Ground

For International Delivery

  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • Plus
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight

Saturday delivery options are available in major US metropolitan areas and from international locations via UPS Worldwide Express shipments into the US. 

It is pertinent to note that International services shipping to the United States from outside the country must include a Saturday Delivery label.

Additionally, UPS Stores are open from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. Before going in on Saturday, double-check the hours of operation at your local UPS Store.

How Does UPS Delivery Work on Sunday?

does ups deliver on sunday

UPS does not deliver on Sundays under usual circumstances, however, UPS can be scheduled to run on Sundays.

For time-sensitive shipments, you can use their Express Critical Care Packages service, which is a domestic US service you can request.

Using the UPS Critical is the only way for UPS to deliver shipments on Sunday.

You can deliver to anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico on Sunday for an additional cost that varies by package.

Regardless, UPS Stores typically open for shorter hours on Sundays, such as 11 AM- 4 PM. With this information, check the hours of operation at your local UPS Store before going in on Sunday.

How Do I Get My Shipment on Saturday?

If your package qualifies for Saturday delivery, the option will appear as you fill out the shipment information on the UPS website.

When using the UPS My Choice Application, recipients can select an alternate delivery date, including Saturdays, if eligible.

Packages can be picked up at a UPS Access Point (which is found throughout the United States and in all major cities) during operation hours, which often offer longer weekend hours.

What Happens if Ups Doesn’t Deliver On Time?

does ups deliver on sunday

Despite UPS’s excellent record of on-time delivery, errors and delays do occur.

If a package was supposed to arrive but never did, start by looking up your tracking details.

The majority of UPS package delays are updated in real-time, but the specifics may not be available for several hours.

Drivers for UPS are occasionally running a few minutes late. Give yourself a few more minutes before beginning your package search if the clock reaches nine o’clock at night.

Deliveries may be delayed because of traffic and surges in demand.

Remember that with more packages being delivered, there will be more delays during the holiday season.

Additionally, overbooked routes and staff shortages may cause your packages to be delayed. Because of this, it’s crucial to factor in a few extra days when scheduling package delivery.

How Accurate are UPS Delivery Times?

Working with UPS has several advantages, one of which is reasonably accurate delivery times.

The majority of ground deliveries include tracking numbers that notify you when your package is moved.

For instance, you may receive notifications when your package is loaded onto the UPS truck, delivered to your address, or left at the UPS store.

Most packages should arrive on the scheduled delivery date. Delays may occur, though.

If you’re having trouble, getting your notifications to update properly, you can contact UPS’s customer service line.

From the information above, you can be assured that your UPS shipment can be delivered during the weekends.

Do not forget to use the available and appropriate delivery channel for each specific delivery.

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