Fastest and Easy Way to Check Target Gift Card Balance

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Do you want to know how to check your Target gift card balance? This can sometimes be hard to know but don’t worry we intend to go step by step over the processes required to check the balance on your Target gift card.

This Card allows you to shop for so many things at, as well as over 1,700 Target and Super Target locations around the United States. 

This gift card is redeemable, secure, and only valid in the United States. Before we get into the meat of the post, learn what you can do with a Target gift card.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

A Target gift card can purchase things with the same value on or in any Target store. Target Cards can purchase home décor, electronics, furniture, alcohol, and other limited things. You can also spend your gift card at Starbucks inside Target locations.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

You may check the balance of your Target gift card over the phone or online. 

To check your Target Gift Card balance with your phone, Simply call 1-800-544-2943 to verify your Target gift card balance and obtain your most recent five transactions.

If you want to check it online, here’s how to check the balance of your Target gift card online:

1. Go to Target’s gift card balance page. 

2. In the necessary field, enter the gift card number. It is always a 15-digit number on the back of your gift card. Scratch the glittering silver strip with a pin to reveal the number. 

3. Enter your gift card access code. It’s an 8-digit code that appears just beneath the gift card number.

4. Select the “Check balance” option. 

How to Sort Troubleshooting Issues

check target gift card balance

When checking your balance, you may have some troubleshooting issues, here is how to sort it out:

1. In the event of a technical problem, it is preferable to visit a nearby Target store. When attempting to check the balance of your Target gift card online, you may receive a “Scopes don’t match” message.

Another common technical issue is difficulty using the contact line; here, you should walk to a cashier at the store so they can assist you. You must give your Target gift card, and the clerk will scan its balance.

2. Keep your receipt in case of a missing gift card or scan troubles. Take your receipt to the Target store if you lost your Target gift card or cannot scan it properly because of scratches.

You will be given a replacement gift card if your access number is visible on the gift card or your receipt.

How to Activate and Use the Target Gift Card

You can use your Target gift card online or in-store. In most cases, your Target will be activated at the moment of purchase or before it is given to your email. 

Before you can use your Target gift card, it must be activated. Several options are available if your Target is not activated for whatever reason.

1. Activating Your Target Gift Card Offline

Enter a Target store and communicate your needs to the clerk on duty to activate your Target gift card. The cashier will take the required steps to ensure that your gift card is activated. 

Call the phone number in the package when you purchased the gift card. This will relieve the burden of having to go to the store.

2. Activating Your Target Gift Card Online

You only need to log in to your Target account on their website or mobile app to activate your Target gift card online. Select “gift cards” once you can sign in. To add a new Target gift card, use the +sign. 

The following step is to scan the barcode on the back of your Target gift card. Alternatively, you can input your Target gift card number and access code.

Where You Can Use the Target Gift Card

check target gift card balance

Target gift cards are not just redeemable in Target shops. They can also be used at Target Optical, Starbucks, and CVS.

However, there are certain limitations. Target gift cards, for example, cannot be used at Home Depot, Amazon, Walgreens, or Walmart.

You can exchange your Target gift card for cash and redeem it at these stores. On the Nosh platform, you may exchange your Target gift card for cash. Nosh is Nigeria’s greatest gift card trading site. 

It’s one of the fantastic ways to make the most of your Target gift card. Nosh gives you access to the greatest rates, easy transactions, quick transactions, and 24/7 customer assistance.

Target gift cards, unlike most others, do not lose value or expire. The card permits you to purchase at Target, third-party vendors, and various retail outlets in the United States. 

When you shop at these locations, you will not be charged any additional costs. Target gift cards are an interesting way to enjoy the rewards of shopping at one of America’s favorite stores.

It is always a good idea to verify the balance on your gift card before beginning any activity or transaction.  

Where Do I Find the Access Number for my Target Gift Card?

When using your Target GiftCard in a Target shop, access numbers are required. Remove the silver strip on the back of your Target gift card carefully to reveal the gift card number and access number. This will reveal the access number for your Target gift card:

1. Open your Target account.

Note: At this time, the Target App does not allow users to request Target GiftCard access codes.

2. Select the Name/Account tab.

3. Choose gift cards.

4. Once you’ve located the Target gift card you want to use, choose the et Access number.

Your Target account email address will get an email containing the Target GiftCard access number.

What are the Rules for Redeeming a Target Gift Card?

check target gift card balance

Target GiftCards can be used anywhere in a Target store or on to redeem all or part of their value. The following products can be bought using Target GiftCards:

1. Alcohol and other banned goods

2. In Target stores, at Starbucks

3. In Target Café

4. At Target stores’ CVS Pharmacy

5. At Target Optical in-store (Target Optical cannot be purchased online with Target GiftCards.)

Target GiftCards can’t be used to:

  • Pay with a RedCard;
  • Buy gift cards from American Express, Visa, and Mastercard;
  • Buy iTunes gift cards.
  • Get specialized gift cards (for dining establishments, gaming, etc.)
  • Get Target Gift Cards
  • At-Minute Clinics at Target establishments

Target Optical online (Target Optical accepts Target GiftCards for in-store purchases.) Up to 10 Target GiftCards may be used as payment at the checkout on orders.

Target locations allow an infinite amount of genuine Target gift cards to be used for in-store purchases.

Target GiftCards will always be accepted as payment instead of credit or debit cards. Target GiftCards never go bad or expire, even if this is printed on them.

Note: You are free to keep the gift card and add it to your collection once the remaining value has been spent.

The Rules:

For Target GiftCards to be redeemed in-store or online, an access number is needed.

To be redeemed in a Target store, gift cards need to contain scannable barcodes. To access and redeem email and mobile (text) gift cards in-store or online, you must have a account.

An eGiftCard must be opened within a account to be viewed and/or used after it is sent to you via email.

You now know how to check the balance of your Target gift card. What happens once you check the balance?

You can redeem your Target gift card balance for merchandise or cash. Begin by downloading the Nosh app from the Play Store or App Store.

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