Danny YiBack

Danny Yi was born in New York, NY and raised in Tenafly, New Jersey. After graduating high school Danny attended Arizona State university where he obtained his B.A in Business & Education. During his college years Danny played competitively in baseball & football however after a bad injury Danny found himself unable to compete in sports and instead joined ROTC and the Delta Chi Fraternity. There he found his love of leadership and still being in a team environment! After graduation Danny was looking for a career path that offered the same type of comradery and core values. That is when he accepted a position as Entry-Level Account Manager. Having no sales experience, Danny quickly moved up in the company and in May of 2014 decided to relocate to Charlotte, NC to help run a new location.

Since moving Danny has been an exponential part of our growth here in Charlotte and was most recently promoted to Assistant Manager. Danny plans on furthering our expansion to a new market by the middle of 2017!