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Building amazing relationships from the beginning – Getting people to WANT to work with you.

By: Andres Campanucci  |   Source: MGA Business Consulting, Inc.

The President of MGA Business Consulting, Andres Campanucci, was asked to be a keynote speaker at our annual kick-off meeting in Dallas, Texas in early February. Because of his person-ability and relationship building skills, and passing those skills on to others, MGA Business Consulting is one of the most successful and fastest growing direct marketing firms in the country…. Why wouldn’t we want him to share our successes?! Andres says that “having a happy, successful team comes down to a couple things, but overall it’s the relationships you create”

1. Spending quality time with team members from the beginning is imperative - Andres hosts a “New Team Member Breakfast” each week to get some quality time with those who are in their first week at MGA Business Consulting. The purpose of this is to talk about goals, the company, Andres’s story, what they want in life, and just find out who they are. Andres reveals that “I have come to realize that if you’re in a leadership role, you have to make an impact. It’s your duty. These new people don’t know how our company and culture works yet, so I know that spending time with them as the president of the company, and making it my personal goal to get them started off on the right foot will make a huge difference, ultimately, in their success.” MGA Business Consulting also hosts a weekly “Team Night” to spend time outside of work, so everyone can do a fun activity like bowling, attending sporting events. etc., and get to know each other on a more personal level. Family and friends are encouraged to attend as well!

2. Show your team that you care – Just like in any relationship in life (family, friendship, romantic, etc.), your team/people need to feel and know that you care. Even the simplest thing like asking if they feel better after being sick, congratulating them after their first achievement, asking how their weekend was… Truly caring and getting to know how they feel about certain things creates a bond and trust that is irreplaceable.

3. Excitement - Everything is always about the opportunity and excitement to people. Even the smallest decisions are typically made because of the opportunities that could arise from making it. Typically, excitement is literally that. An emotion. So Andres says, “I go through my office everyday giving high fives to everyone after my first meeting of the day, just to get the energy flowing and show people that I care about how each of them start their day.” But with MGA Business Consulting, excitement is also about the opportunity to build your own life, become a leader, a business owner, and make an impact on not only yourself and your family, but on everyone surrounding you. Andres is originally from Argentina, and his greatest motivator is the “American Dream” – To live in the USA, work hard, prove himself, create his own opportunity, pass it on to others, and be able to provide for his family with endless opportunities. “Everyone has their own story, their own purpose for why they do what they do. By sharing my story, I know that my team can then envision their own lives, think about where they are and where they want to be, and that it creates the excitement for them to go out and work so hard so they too can reach their dreams. There’s no doubt that this creates excitement in our office,” says Andres.

4. Character - For Andres, his job doesn’t stop just because he’s “made it” to be the President of his own company. “What time you show up, how hard are you working, how much you care, how dedicated you are, goes beyond just the ‘proof’ of being a leader. I would never ask anything more of anyone on my team, that I don’t constantly exude myself. And because I know that I work like a dog day in and day out, I expect the same from my team, while also doing it with integrity,” he mentions.

5. Having boundaries and living with integrity – As personal of an environment as MGA Business Consulting has, from the open door policy, to team activities, and one on one time with the President, they also have a clear set of boundaries they set, including that everyone on their team must live their lives with integrity. Andres alludes that “if I don’t set clear boundaries and expectations, my team won’t respect myself or the company. They know what traits I will and will not put up with at MGA Business Consulting, and because I make it very clear, they know that I will always speak and act with integrity. If I don’t, then my team will lose respect for me and my company, and let’s face it, people don’t wanna work for someone they find to be dishonest, and I don’t want that on my team either.”

“In the end, what matters most is how you treat people, and how they perceive that you are treating them. I know that myself and my company will continue to grow and flourish because I truly care about my people, their livelihood, and how they feel at the end of the day.” – Andres Campanucci
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