Our Clients

RETAIL - With our strong history of success in face to face outside sales, we have decided to throw our hat in the ring for retail business development. Our exceptional reputation for professionalism and integrity with our B2B clients has allowed us to partner with major national retailers, to represent our clients within their stores. Starting with just three representatives on the program in November of 2010, we have expanded to have over 300 representatives nationally and plan to invest heavily into the expansion of this program in the immediate future.  

Team members working on our retail program are responsible for representing our clients within the walls of big box retailers. They are responsible for making professional marketing & sales presentations on an inside sales and marketing basis rather than the traditional approach of outside sales. Our team is able to acquire quality, long-term customers for our clients while driving revenue for MGA and our big box retail partners -- making for a win all the way around! We expect to bring in several new retail clients in the next year to expand our presence as a player in the inside-sales industry.